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Happy Home Made Meal Time Soup in Office

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Soup meal time 🍜🥰


1. 2 potatoes
2. 2 carotts
3. 1 onions
4. 1 spring onion
5. 150g celery
6. Or other vegetables you like
7. Pepper, salt, cumin
8. 3 tablespoons rice
9. 1000ml water


Cut all the vegetables into little pieces and put them all together in a pot. Give water in the pot and turn the burner on. The last step, put rice, salt pepper, and cumin in the pot. Cook the soup for more than 30 minutes. Look and taste the soup. Finish.

Food Quote

“My weaknesses have always been food and men – in that order.” – Dolly Parton

Chef with the Most Michelin Stars

Gordon Ramsay – 7 Michelin stars

Gordon Ramsay is probably the most recognized chef in the world, famed for his explosive food and outstanding British cuisine. Though over his career he has received 16 Michelin stars, he presently has seven. His restaurant, the Gordon Ramsay restaurant, held 3 stars in London since 2001, making it the longest-running three-star restaurant in London.

In 35 restaurants, the Scottish-born chef and canteen are affiliated to the world. In almost every corner of the English-speaking world, he has made his place on the TV screens, building a thriving empire. In 2019, Gordon Ramsay was one up in Rihanna and was the 35th most successful celebration in the world on the Forbes list. As of 2020, the net value of Gordon Ramsay is estimated at 220 million dollars, mostly from his successful television programs Hell’s Kitchen, Nightmares Kitchen, and Master Chef.

Food Joke

Question Why did the people like to dance to the vegetable band?
Answer Because it had a good beet.

Restaurant across the world

Restaurant: Ikarus

Where You’ll Find this Restaurant: Salzburg, Austria

Food Related Movie

 ✦ Haute Cuisine (2012)

Haute Cuisine is based on a true tale about a famous female chef who becomes the president’s personal chef. This film features a plethora of amazing meals, some of which were shot in the Élysée Palace, the house of France’s president.

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