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Is a bowl of porridge a day good for you?

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Porridge bowl 🍓🥰🌺🍀


250ml vegetable milk
2 teaspoon chia seeds
0,5 teaspoon cacao
6 dates
2 teaspoon protein power
3-4 tablespoon oats
2 teaspoon peanut butter


Put in a pot milk and cut the dates in little pieces in the pot. Cook it for few minutes and put all the other ingredients like chia seeds, cinnamon, cacao, oats. Mix it and let it cook. Next few minutes add protein powder and mix, if you porridge is to dry, than put little bit milk in it and mix. Put the porride in a bowl and decorate it with peanut butter, Berry’s and nuts. Ready to eat.

Food Quote

“If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with him… The people who give you their food give you their heart.”
– Cesar Chavez

Chef with the Most Michelin Stars

Heston Blumenthal – 6 Michelin stars

There is little input needed for Heston Blumenthal. This renowned chef-owner possesses six Michelin stars, one of the most recognised cooks in the world. Her Majesty the Queen has even given him an OBE for his culinary services.

Blumenthal is interested by the science behind food as are some of the other chefs on this list. He is recognised for working with food matching, the discipline of discovering and combining chemical similitudes in a number of foods.

While this inventive chef found his love for cooking when he was young, before he took up his call he worked on a number of professions. Blumenthal taught himself French cooking skills in his leisure time while working as a repo guy and a credit controller. Blumenthal’s turning point in his career was when he established in Bray, Berkshire, his restaurant The Fat Duck in 1995. In 2005, The Fat Duck was voted the world’s greatest restaurant for its 14-course degustation menu with delicacies including bacon and nitro-scrambled egg.

Food Joke

Question How do you fix a broken tomato?
Answer With tomato paste.

Restaurant: Villa Le Bec

Where You’ll Find this Restaurant: Shanghai

Food Related Movie

✧ Eat Drink Man Woman  (Chinese, 1994)

This film, directed by the well-known Ang Lee, depicts the life of a widower and his three unmarried daughters. The feasts they have together each Sunday, during which the girls strive to question their father’s conventional ways of thinking, which surprises and changes the dynamics when each of these daughters happens to discover love, play a significant part. Their Sunday brunches look so devilishly wonderful that you’ll be encouraged to start your own Sunday ritual!

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